Rational Reagent Tactics for Optimizing Biomarker Analysis
White Paper07/22/2021 12:07 am

Rational Reagent Tactics for Optimizing Biomarker Analysis


Sourcing and applying multiple proteins into a specific biomarker assay involves a variety of moving pieces. Particularly during discovery stage research, where molecules of interest are constantly changing relative to hit identification. In other words, protein reagents play a significantly underrated role in developing early assays for biomarker analysis.

This article explores key material components and common oversight in recombinant protein approaches to help demonstrate factors effecting assay design. Additionally, we present a set of rational tactics for optimizing biomarker analysis through the procurement and criteria of laboratory/assay reagents.

Topics Covered

Insight on various aspects of the biomarker workflow, such as:

  • Expression Hosts
  • Tag/labeling
  • Qualifying quality
Critical reagents development relative to vendor consistency:

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