Nucleotide Synthesis Technology

Nature provides the building blocks, we develop the tools. kbDNA’s platform is powered by diverse technical experience in nucleic acid chemistry. This has allowed the integration of proprietary reagents and over 40 years of efficient click-chemistry synthesis to operate under one roof and produce novel ssDNA and RNA.

While others try and recreate the wheel, our focus has been on optimizing automated solid-phase synthesis. This is achieved by utilizing ancillary reagents and mixtures at specific production points. Thereby reinforcing each step with specialty support to perform its target reaction. As a result, kbDNA enables researchers with short (oligo) and long nucleotide sequences to meet their experimental design.

Quality Control Criteria
  • P NMR
  • HPLC
  • UV Characterization
  • Coupling test
  • Thin layer chromatography
  • Solubility test
Nucleotide Synthesis Tool

Our tool simplifies the process of designing a nucleotide synthesis project. We’ve designed our tool with humans in mind, utilizing a quick and easy 4 step process:

  • 1. Plug in starting sequence
  • 2. Apply modifications
  • 3. Provide any additional order requirements
  • 4. Submit for free proofreading and quotation
Existing Project Submission

If you already have your nucleotide sequences ready and you do not need to build one with our Synthesis Tool - you can paste or upload your modified sequences directly to us - along with any important notes and information.

Synthesis Proofreading and Quote

Once you submit your inquiry, we’ll take it from there. We’ll review your submission and provide you a response within 24 hours. Our response will include:

  • The results of our free proofread, conducted by our expert chem-team.
  • Recommendations for enhancing the performance of your oligos based upon your requirements.
  • Two quotes - One that includes our recommendations, and one that doesn’t; allowing you to make the most informed decision possible.
Manufacturing is in the Genes

Experience and credibility play significant roles in bio scientific research. ChemGenes reagents have been tried and true for decades, contributing non-stop innovations to improve coupling efficiency and the structural capabilities of automated synthesis. Their proven quality and expertise make them not only the most qualified, but also the best partner to compliment kbDNA’s synthesis platform.

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