Complement Your Analysis

Recombinant proteins are becoming increasingly difficult to express. With no universal system in place, the variability in how they are presented on commercial catalogs and online stores has proven counterproductive to many a lab. Recombinants have elaborate data that far exceed the capabilities of the average search-and-buy web catalogs. Evidence suggests that these limited e-commerce websites dilute the complexity and the key value of reagent data. As a result, recombinant proteins are increasingly regarded as commodities.

At kbDNA, we believe recombinants are anything but commodities. Their performance in research experiments have a major impact on the rate of progress, so we built a reagent site that focuses on what matters most; the data. Our recombinant libraries are designed specifically for sourcing and analyzing complex reagents. Adopting this library scheme has allowed kbDNA to prioritize resourceful information and effectively sort reagents by classification.

Libraries include a diverse target selection to compliment experimental analysis techniques. These recombinants are produced in tailored conditions relative to their biochemistry and structural properties. To overcome the limitations of traditional expression, we pioneer versatile expression standards for specialty synthesis.

Explore Our Recombinant Libraries

Our ready-to-ship selection includes routine proteins such as cytokines, growth factors, heat shock proteins, hormones and prominent enzymes. They are ideal for use as immunoassay positive controls, for protein-protein interaction analysis, and for cell-based functional and biochemical assays. The enzyme families are more specific to their application, such as Cell Culture and GAG Research.

Versatile Roadmap

Versatile synthesis involves a more data-driven approach for developing difficult-to-express proteins. Its system introduces a reversed workflow-which assesses individual factors of the material science against parsed production factors to identify deep errors, often undetected in expression screens. The assessments are a standard part of our process and they have been applied as sole and complimentary solutions to challenging expression projects.

This schema is a simplified representation. If you are interested in learning more about the process details, please email for our data sheet.