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Our concept began when we measured a significant correlation between random errors and the reagents used in experiments. Curiosity led us beyond the bench to work on identifying a variety of contributing factors which included such issues as poor manufacturing standards, inconsistent data and supplier handling.We determined that a large majority of these factors were avoidable, so we began building a repository of solutions to help minimize the risk of error.Implementing these solutions into solid-phase and recombinant synthesis platforms has allowed us to re-introduce several gene/targets in their differing forms: ssDNA, RNA and Recombinant Protein. Powered by manufacturing seniority, these novel reagents follow the made-to-measure standards of kbDNA. A name inspired by the key contribution of kb ladders throughout our process.We provide research laboratories in early-to-late phase discovery with synthetic bioreagents; ssDNA, RNA and Recombinant Proteins specific to their target objectives.

Areas of Focus

Data Consistency
Simpler research requests and technical documents through standardized material data.
Expanded Production
Greater production capacity by way of complementary synthesis technologies and novel chemistry.
Protein Profiling
More precise commercial protein indexing thanks to modeling libraries that bind reagent and protein data.
Complex Omics
Analyzing complicated omics data by first fragmenting into model sets, followed by gradual integration.
Systematization, relational indexing, and complex analysis are only a few ways we leverage software to enable research.

Our Made-To-Measure Standards

Industry databases are a mess. We screen reagent data and cross-reference accredited accession resources for variability. Bench-top evaluation data adds a feedback layer for accuracy.
Our production is optimized by the manipulation of conditions to match target demands. This is possible by pairing our preliminary process with a competitive network of resources.
We promote direct, careful communication, and we let competence take precedence. Proofreading as a basic service is a great example. This applies to all our interactions, and is part of our philosophy of consultative partnership.
The importance of information security is often underestimated in the life science industry. We want to change that. We safeguard our users' personal and research confidentiality at every step - whether online, on paper, or in person.

Elements of Our Team

Ed Hamdeh
Ed Hamdeh
Principal | Director of R&D
My background is in biochemistry with experience studying pharmaceutical sciences. I graduated from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and began my professional career in diagnostics at Perkin Elmer. After making a change into custom lab services, I achieved several successful collaborations and recognized a need for niche lab solutions. Joining kbDNA allowed me to scale the technology to all the research teams who could benefit from them.
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Laith Khalil
Laith Khalil
Director of Information Technology
My experience lies primarily in conducting user-focused studies and designing technology based solutions for a wide range of industries and companies - from retail to finance, from start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations. With a heavy focus on human-technology interaction, my goal with any undertaking is to make peoples' lives easier. I joined kbDNA in order to do exactly that.
David Sorensen
David Sorensen
Lead Software Engineer
As kbDNA's lead software engineer, I get to do what I enjoy most - building tools that solve problems. I bring with me a wide range of professional experiences - from web design to automating business processes. I look forward to delving deeper into the world of bioinformatics and bringing value to one of the world's most important industries.
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