Kininogen 1
Human Recombinant KNG1 - His Tagged
Reference ID:KB-3948
Migration assay
Gene of Interest
Gene Synonyms:KNG1;BDK;KNG
Protein Names:Kininogen-1 (Alpha-2-thiol proteinase inhibitor) (Fitzgerald factor) (High molecular weight kininogen) (HMWK) (Williams-Fitzgerald-Flaujeac factor) [Cleaved into: Kininogen-1 heavy chain; T-kinin (Ile-Ser-Bradykinin); Bradykinin (Kallidin I); Lysyl-bradykinin (Kallidin II); Kininogen-1 light chain; Low molecular weight growth-promoting factor]
Accession Data
Organism:Homo sapiens (Human)
Mass (kDa):719.57
Length (aa):644
Proteomics (Proteome ID):UP000005640
Proteomics (Chromosome): Chromosome 3
Polymorphism: The T-kinin peptide is missing residues 378 to 380, probably as a result of a naturally occurring variant. The complete sequence of the T-kinin peptide is therefore ISRPPGFSPFR. This peptide is associated with malignant tumors but not with benign ones. {ECO:0000269|PubMed:3828072}.
Function [CC]:(1) Kininogens are inhibitors of thiol proteases; (2) HMW-kininogen plays an important role in blood coagulation by helping to position optimally prekallikrein and factor XI next to factor XII; (3) HMW-kininogen inhibits the thrombin- and plasmin-induced aggregation of thrombocytes; (4) the active peptide bradykinin that is released from HMW-kininogen shows a variety of physiological effects: (4A) influence in smooth muscle contraction, (4B) induction of hypotension, (4C) natriuresis and diuresis, (4D) decrease in blood glucose level, (4E) it is a mediator of inflammation and causes (4E1) increase in vascular permeability, (4E2) stimulation of nociceptors (4E3) release of other mediators of inflammation (e.g. prostaglandins), (4F) it has a cardioprotective effect (directly via bradykinin action, indirectly via endothelium-derived relaxing factor action); (5) LMW-kininogen inhibits the aggregation of thrombocytes; (6) LMW-kininogen is in contrast to HMW-kininogen not involved in blood clotting.
Site:SITE 48 48 Not glycosylated. {ECO:0000269|PubMed:3484703}.; SITE 379 380 Cleavage; by kallikrein.; SITE 389 390 Cleavage; by kallikrein.
Tissue Specificity:Secreted in plasma. T-kinin is detected in malignant ovarian, colon and breast carcinomas, but not in benign tumors. {ECO:0000269|PubMed:2076202}.
Disease:High molecular weight kininogen deficiency (HMWK deficiency) [MIM:228960]: Autosomal recessive coagulation defect. Patients with HWMK deficiency do not have a hemorrhagic tendency, but they exhibit abnormal surface-mediated activation of fibrinolysis. Note=The disease is caused by mutations affecting the gene represented in this entry.
Reagent Data
Name:Kininogen 1
Region:Gln 19 - Ser 427
Molecular Weight:46.6
Purification System:Chromatography
Formulation:Sterile-filtered colorless solution
Formulation Concentration:1 mg/ml
Buffer Volume:Standard
Buffer Solution:PBS
Endotoxin Level:< 1%
Aggregate Tested By:SDS-PAGE
Endotoxin Screened:< 0.1 ng/ug
Purity:> 98%
Determined: SDS-PAGE
Validated: RP-HPLC
Sample Handling
Stability:This bioreagent is stable at 4°C (short-term) and -70°C(long-term). After reconstitution, sample may be stored at 4°C for 2-7 days and below -18°C for future use.
Preparation:Reconstitute in sterile distilled H2O to no less than 100 ug/ml; dilute reconstituted stock further in other aqueous solutions if needed. Please review COA for lot-specific instructions. Final measurements should be determined by the end-user for optimal performance.