Serpin H1
Human Recombinant SERPINH1 - His Tagged
Reference ID:KB-3702
Western Blot
Flow Cytometry
Gene of Interest
Protein Names:Serpin H1 (47 kDa heat shock protein) (Arsenic-transactivated protein 3) (AsTP3) (Cell proliferation-inducing gene 14 protein) (Collagen-binding protein) (Colligin) (Rheumatoid arthritis-related antigen RA-A47)
Accession Data
Organism:Homo sapiens (Human)
Mass (kDa):464.41
Length (aa):418
Proteomics (Proteome ID):UP000005640
Proteomics (Chromosome): Chromosome 11
Polymorphism: A functional SNP in the promoter of SERPINH1 is associated in African Americans with an increased risk for preterm premature rupture of membranes (PPROM) [MIM:610504]. PPROM is defined as rupture of the membranes before 37 weeks of gestation. SERPINH1 with the -656 T allele displays significantly reduced promoter activity compared to the major -656 C allele. Prematurity is correlated with an increased frequency of the -656 T allele.
Function [CC]:Binds specifically to collagen. Could be involved as a chaperone in the biosynthetic pathway of collagen.
Site:SITE 377 378 Reactive bond homolog. {ECO:0000250}.
Induction:By heat shock.
Disease:Osteogenesis imperfecta 10 (OI10) [MIM:613848]: A form of osteogenesis imperfecta, a connective tissue disorder characterized by low bone mass, bone fragility and susceptibility to fractures after minimal trauma. Disease severity ranges from very mild forms without fractures to intrauterine fractures and perinatal lethality. Extraskeletal manifestations, which affect a variable number of patients, are dentinogenesis imperfecta, hearing loss, and blue sclerae. OI10 is an autosomal recessive form characterized by multiple bone deformities and fractures, generalized osteopenia, dentinogenesis imperfecta, and blue sclerae. {ECO:0000269|PubMed:20188343}. Note=The disease is caused by mutations affecting the gene represented in this entry.
Reagent Data
Name:Serpin H1
Class:Heat Shock
Region:Ala 19 - Leu 418
Molecular Weight:45.3
Purification System:Chromatography
Formulation:Sterile-filtered colorless solution
Formulation Concentration:1 mg/ml
Buffer Volume:Standard
Buffer Solution:PBS
Endotoxin Level:< 1%
Aggregate Tested By:SDS-PAGE
Endotoxin Screened:< 0.1 ng/ug
Purity:> 98%
Determined: SDS-PAGE
Validated: RP-HPLC
Sample Handling
Stability:This bioreagent is stable at 4°C (short-term) and -70°C(long-term). After reconstitution, sample may be stored at 4°C for 2-7 days and below -18°C for future use.
Preparation:Reconstitute in sterile distilled H2O to no less than 100 ug/ml; dilute reconstituted stock further in other aqueous solutions if needed. Please review COA for lot-specific instructions. Final measurements should be determined by the end-user for optimal performance.